Here's To All I Never Had

from by Two Jar Grind



I get the sense I'm gonna die in this town
Not the sense I'm gonna stay here,
The sense it's gonna kill me soon.
If I stay any longer I really can't promise you
It won't.

It's just I've had a few too many close calls
A few that I could have avoided
And a few that I would argue weren't my fault.
It happens every month or so.

And I wanna live to feel regret
For all the things I could have done but that
Haven't happened yet
I wanna feel a mid-life crisis
Past the age of 26
I wanna know what it feels like
To know whether I wanna have a kid.
But I'm not so sure I could do it.
If I chose to stick around
It's just there's something sort of scary 'bout this town.

Oooooo - oooooo - oooooooo

There's something murking in the water here I swear
How else could you explain everyone's trepidation?
We wait until we sense a last breath
And I wish someone had told me this before
I wish that I had known when I was younger
That I'd spend so much time
Regretting the things I never did

So here's to you, I resent the fact
That I had to get drunk just to say it
Here's to all I never had
Here's to all my long lost friends

Oooooo - oooooo - ooooooo


from Two Jar Grind, released June 24, 2016
Lyrics written by James Brown



all rights reserved


Two Jar Grind Ottawa, Ontario

Acoustic folk punk trio with members from Ottawa and Montreal. Guitar, washboard, accordion, and a whole lot of shouting

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